"I worked for a non profit pro bono... I wrote many grants for them. I found the experience to be absolutely rewarding, and it builds a portfolio if nothing else. In my case, I actually accomplished some real good, and it gave me a feeling that I can accomplish a lot MORE good if I put my mind to it, and without even much effort. It also stands as a solid resume piece. I wholeheartedly encourage people to help nonprofit organizations, and to be charitable whenever they can!"
"There is nothing I have done so selfish as volunteer work. I have never felt better in my life. Thank-you to Healing Reins of Bend Oregon, a PATH, (previously known as NARHA, 'North American Riding for the Handicapped Association,) for the opportunity to be a part of something beyond words."
" here are my thoughts. So many years ago I had started a 4H sponsorship program to help Lakota youth with their 4H projects as they had no money to support any project they wanted to do. When visiting one of the children I personally sponsored his very small brother watched everything I did and listened to everything I said. When his brother left the room this small boy climbed up on the table and quietly asked if he too could have a sponsor. I couldn't resist and helped him with his regalia as a grass dancer as well as camping trips to the Black Hills. I have recently got in touch with him and found he's all grown up--working in a medical clinic on the rez AND studying at the Tribal College in nursing. I am very proud."
Service Learning
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