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This site was developed as an Honors Project by a college student for a graphic design and service learning honors project. The student had opted to work for non-profits for field studies and internship doing pro-bono graphic design work. The student felt the benefits of helping do some good in a troubled world exceeded monetary gain from a purely commercial business.

Sensing the community needs and the benefits for students in helping out during and after their college years, the student developed this project plan with the aid of consultation with her Professors. This site is a doorway into the workings of a service learning class at a college, with resources including a listing of work sites for students in the KCC, Battle Creek, Michigan area, skill specific information, and national and international opportunities.

A Brief History of Service Learning at KCC    

Kellogg Community College (KCC) is located in Battle Creek, Michigan. The beautiful campus is located in the heart of the city. A wetland area is next to the college. KCC students partake in many projects to help the community. Many of the KCC student clubs, such as the art league, campus life, and the honors society, do community projects to help and "give back" to the community. In  2007, the KCC President at that time, Dr Ed Haring, joined the Michigan Campus Compact (MCC), a coalition of college and university presidents committed to fulfilling the public purposes of higher education and the development of personal and social responsibility as integral to the educational mission of their campuses.

MCC visited KCC in October 2007 and met with Dr Haring, Dr Bona and more than 20 KCC staff. There were presentations and conferences about service learning projects at other campuses. The college then built an understanding of Service Learning and developed a KCC definition and mission, with a  variety of active work teams. "SERV 200" was accepted by the Academic Cabinet.

Instructors continue to integrate Service Learning projects into their discipline.
Professor Glenda Morling currently heads the Service Learning program at KCC. Her students find opportunities within the community and enhance the community by sharing their skills to help out, The students also gain valuable "real world" learning experience and an increased sense of worth. This is a win-win process for KCC, the students, and the community.

Service Learning
Resources for Positive Change in a Troubled World