Service Learning
Resources for Positive Change in a Troubled World
Service Learning programs are distinguished from other approaches to experiential education by their intention to benefit the provider and the recipient of the service equally, as well as to ensure equal focus on both the service being provided and the learning that is occurring..

Service-learning combines service to the community with academic objectives to equally benefit the community and the student. Students participate in projects that meet community needs and that involve self-reflection, self-discovery, and the acquisition of values, skills, and content knowledge.

To promote the personal and professional growth of students, faculty and staff through collaboration on service projects in the community.  Students have optimal opportunities to practice and apply content concepts and to reflect on and evaluate both their own development and the impact of their service on the local and global community.

This site was developed by a service learning student for an honors project for her service learning class. The purpose of this site is to inspire college students to serve in their community while they are attending college, and after they graduate. The student developer accessed local data bases, national and international non-profits, and requested testimonials from students who have done service work to complete this project. The developer also included writing about her experience doing service work and created a site for graphic designers interested in service work.